The process of AROMATICA's sustainable glass containers from 90% Post-Consumer-Recycled (PCR) glass



AROMATICA is a holistic beauty & lifestyle brand to rebalance your true beauty with the power of botanical essence therapy.


We create effective and sustainable products to protect living things and the environment. We are passionately taking a stand to return the earth to its natural state, and to preserve and restore the planet.


When people weren’t well aware of the harmful ingredients, AROMATICA was established by Jerry Kim in 2004 with the goal to produce safe cosmetics that are good for the skin and the environment.


AROMATICA boycotts the hazardous ingredients that are linked to health issues. From farming to finished product, we care every step and take pride in our strong convictions to deliver authentic and efficacious products. We are a certified clean beauty brand that has acquired worldwide renowned certificates such as ECOCERT, Vegan, EWG Verified.


We believe in a more responsible world and pledge to conduct sustainable business activities in producing and distributing products to preserve the environment with love and respect.


Meet AROMATICA at Stockmann located in Riga, Latvia

Known for its upmarket department stores, Stockmann will launch AROMATICA in September 2020! We are proud to be able to deliver our sustainable beauty products to a larger and diverse audience. Our clean and vegan products are formulated to advocate…

The Complete Cycle to ALL Paper Packaging

AROMATICA has finally achieved the project to convert all kinds of delivery packaging to paper-based materials. AROMATICA’s paper-based packaging solutions serve as high quality to package products and communicate the vision for our brand to achieve sustainable standards. AROMATICA uses…

Our products are sold in all major beauty retail stores in Korea and in more than 30 countries around the world.