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The House of AROMATICA is a specially designed experience of brand philosophy. In which AROMATICA’s slogan, 'Save the Skin, Save the Planet' is strongly embedded for customers to physically experience. Our business model can, therefore, be met and experienced offline. The House of AROMATICA is comprised of 3 separate areas: ‘SAVE THE PLANET’, ‘SAVE THE SKIN’, ‘ZERO WASTE ZONE’, and more of these. ‘SAVE THE PLANET’ The first area focuses on the environmental issues and how our slogan 'save the planet' helps to achieve a sustainable environment. This area is decorated using trash and plastic savaged from the sea to increase awareness of the sea pollution level. This Area also educates our customers of recyclable and non-recyclable materials, and how our pump dispenser, essence pump, and spray dispenser be recycled ‘SAVE THE SKIN’ The second area showcases our raw materials, and how they are collected, extracted, and processed. This area focuses on our slogan, 'save the skin'. You will be able to see how carefully our raw materials are chosen, and how they are extracted using one of our 5 extraction methods, and how they are finally processed in detail. ‘ZERO-WASTE ZONE’ Moving on, our third area shows our sustainable…

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