Starting for me and my family, now for everyone

The beginning of Clean Beauty in Korea


The founder’s story

Jerry used to live a stable life working at a reputable financial company upon graduation from university majoring in Business Administration. However, he had decided to study in Australia and learn about the power of aromatherapy. While he was studying in Australia, he came across aromatherapy for the first time in his life and stepped into a new world.

Jerry, who had suffered from weak and dry skin since his childhood, came across aromatherapy based on his deep understanding and respect for herbs and its efficacy. Also, he realized that most of his personal care products consisted of synthetic fragrance and harmful compounds. With a very simple but strong belief, ‘Let’s make safe and effective cosmetics for my family’, Jerry started to make safe cosmetics, as a 1st generation aromatherapist in Korea.

Jerry was the first one in Korea to participate in the cosmetic ingredient safety campaigns organized by US environmental group EWG. In addition, by actively informing about EWG’s ingredient campaigns and bringing the attention of Korean cosmetic companies to the issue of safe cosmetic ingredients, Jerry opened a new era for Korea’s clean beauty industry.

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