AROMATICA Sustainability Report 2020

We want to share some contributions we made last year. We were one of the first brands to introduce PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic and recycled glass to Korea. We launched additional refill pouches for our body care best-sellers and upgraded our packaging design with less plastic.⁠

아로마티카로즈마리 스칼프 스케일링 샴푸 리필 500mlX2

We launched 41 products in PCR plastic and glass and 12 refill pouches, and sold one million and four hundred thousand of them.

By this number, we reduced 70.3 tons of carbon footprint.⁠ To progress towards a more sustainable future, we need to address environmental injustices. At AROMATICA, we take steps towards our mission, SAVE THE SKIN, SAVE THE PLANET. ⁠

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