AROMATICA ‘LIVELY’ Skincare for your healthy and lively skin

Promise of LIVELY – safe ingredients and excellent efficacy!

Last month, we proudly introduced LIVELY, a new product line of AROMATICA, with two awesome body care products. Now, it is time to meet LIVELY skincare products! Lively was born by following the strict standards of AROMATICA to use natural and safe active ingredients. Have lively, healthy, and radiant skin using LIVELY skincare!




The first product that we’d like to introduce to you is LIVELY SuperBarrier™ cica-panthenol serum. This serum rebuilds the moisture barrier of your thirsty skin while soothing irritated skin. The main ingredients, Panthenol and Madecassoside deliver essential moisture that helps hydrate, soothe and lock moisture into the skin. And 5 molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid help replenish skin to make it appear supple, full and smooth while violet extract helps soothing dry and irritated skin.


LIVELY SuperBrite™ vita serum is another serum introduced by LIVELY. It is a moisturizing serum that adds vitality to the skin and gives a natural light tone. Formulated with a vitamin-rich Hibiscus, Vitamin tree, and a unique Vitamin Complex (vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, H, K), LIVELY SuperBrite™ Vita Serum gives your skin vitality while 5 layers of Hyaluronic acid (Hyalu™ Complex) replenish the skin with moisture to make it look radiant.

LIVELY SuperBrite™ vita serum


The next two products are LIVELY SuperBrite™ pink oil and LIVELY SuperCalming™ blue oil.

LIVELY SuperBrite™ pink oil is a non-greasy and light-weight facial oil that revitalizes your skin with the brightening energy of pink oil complex.

Brightening Pink-Vita Energy: the main active ingredients are Sea Buckthorn Oil (aka, vitamin tree) and Rosehip Oil, which is known to have 60 times the amount of vitamin C in lemon.


LIVELY SuperCalming™ blue oil is a non-greasy and light-weight facial oil that calms skin redness and irritation and helps even out skin tone.

Skin calming Blue Energy: the main active ingredient is Azulene, an exquisite ingredient extracted from Chamomile.


These two facial oils lightly absorb into the skin, without leaving any sticky or greasy residue.

Aromatica Lively
No shining, but soft glowing look
Aromatica Lively
Instantly absorbs into skin without sticky feeling








There are also two different types of sleeping masks that you can use for nighttime skin care.

LIVELY Vita Glow™ Sleeping Mask moisturizes your skin and turns it into the radiant skin with the help of 7 different multi-vitamins and vitamin complex of mango, guava, and sea buckthorn. Containing 92% of natural ingredients, Vita-Juice Vitality RecipeTM restores the healthy complexion of skin and gives it a radiant look. It has the following main active ingredients:

  • Mango: Rich in fiber and protein
  • Guava: Often called as ‘the lord of vitamins’, it’s very rich in Vitamin A and B. Also, it has five times more Vitamin C than an orange.
  • Sea buckthorn: Having a nickname of ‘vitamin tree’, it has 16 different kinds of vitamins in total, including Vitamin A, C, and E


LIVELY Vege Cleanse™ Sleeping Mask is formulated with green components such as kale, celery, parsley, and spinach that rejuvenate the skin, by calming and purifying the stress and waste accumulated on the skin. Containing 91% of natural ingredients, the Green Juice Fresh RecipeTM rejuvenates skin and gives it a clear and firm texture. It has the following main active ingredients:

  • Kale: Rich in calcium, including essential amino acids and Vitamins A, C, K, and B6
  • Celery: Rich in Vitamin P to keep skin capillaries healthy
  • Parsley: Rich in Vitamins A, B, C, and K and helps discharge waste matter
  • Spinach: Rich in Vitamin B1, B2, fiber, and calcium and helps discharge waste matter and balance skin moisture



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