Blossoming Neroli & Jasmine Body Lotion saved 50% worth of plastic waste


Blossoming Neroli & Jasmine Body Lotion, $36

Filter how you see yourself and find your true beauty through our essential oils full of vitality. Among the numerous flowers, Neroli and Jasmine hold the most potent energies, as they battle anxiety and depression, and raise your dignity and self-worth. The pure white flowers wrap your entire body and create a sensual harmony to bloom your body.


AROMATICA’s first PCR plastic container from post-consumer recycled PET!

Though the unit price of each PCR container is higher than that of a new plastic container, the reduction of plastic waste is a priority. In actualizing the #OFFTHEPLASTIC campaign, AROMATICA implemented flip caps instead of pump dispensers. Pump dispensers are made of PE, PP plastic, springs, and other materials, which means that they cannot be recycled. 100% recyclable single-material PP flip caps can easily be recycled after use. Join the #OFFTHEPLASTIC movement and let’s reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills.


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