How is Vitalizing Rosemary Decoction Toner clean and sustainable?

Skincare is a ritual step. You purchase and repurchase products according to your skin condition. The first layer after cleansing should be soothing and hydrating, and there’s where Rosemary leaf extraction comes through. AROMATICA has been using the resources in constructing a “Worry List” based on the compilation of various safe cosmetic standards to provide safe and clean that satisfies all criteria in beauty care. Vitalizing Rosemary Decoction Toner meets EWG’s strict health criteria and received the EWG VERIFIED mark for its low ingredient concerns. The rich in vital rosemary nutrients will leave the skin replenishing with a thin layer of moisture.

EWG scientists reviewed Vitalizing Rosemary Decoction Toner product label collected for safety according to the methodology outlined in our Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. AROMATICA Vitalizing Rosemary Decoction Toner is EWG VERIFIED™.
Trustworthy ingredients should come in environmentally friendly packaging!

We were able to recover 90% of wasted and recycled glass for Vitalizing Rosemary Decoction Toner, and easily recyclable PP caps, making the container 100% recyclable. We all know that glass is infinitely recycled; therefore, they do not sit in landfills. It is why we are committed to glass packaging.

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