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“We started with the goal of making cosmetics that I and my family can safely use.”   – Jerry Kim

If we had followed the way of other ordinary cosmetic companies, we would have made cosmetics easier, faster, probably, more popular than now and could have earned more money. We have kept this faith and never forget this philosophy. We have inherited and developed its founding spirit and aim to make the world a better place through safety and efficacy.



We would like to echo our spirit to make eco-friendly world and truly believe eventually the movement will be speeded around the globe.


Do you know that synthetic fragrance is more dangerous than parabens?

We started producing cosmetics in 2004 with the mission of allowing everyone to live without synthetic fragrances. Since then, we have been actively informing about the hazards of synthetic fragrance. Synthetic fragrances which are used in most personal care products are more harmful than the parabens. In other words, synthetic fragrance has more harmful components, which causes a respiratory problem and skin allergies (risk level 8 by EWG standard) than parabens (risk level 4-7 by EWG standard).

Did you know that AROMATICA is the brand that introduced EWG to Korea? 

AROMATICA has been an official partner of the EWG Safe Cosmetics Campaign since 2009 and has been introducing and informing EWG and its campaigns in Korea. AROMATICA has been continuously supporting consumers’ safe product selection and EWG’s activity for a healthy society for a long time. At present, almost all cosmetic companies have taken the initiative to start prescribing products based on EWG Skin Deep Standard.

What is the reason for doing all manufacturing process? 

AROMATICA controls every manufacturing step, from raw material selection to R&D and finished product. The reason for this is not only to spot harmful ingredients but also to prevent harmful compounds from being mixed in the supply of raw materials, manufacture and production processes.

The Safer, The Better

Development of the first silicon-free and sulfate-free shampoos in Korea.

None of our products contains silicon oil and sulfate surfactant for silky hair because silicon oil causes respiration problem in scalp while sulfate surfactant is a harmful synthetic ingredient. Instead, we have invented a unique formula to use a plant-derived surfactant and a variety of herbal extracts. And we successfully developed a shampoo that is safe and has an excellent texture and detergency, breaking the prejudice that ‘natural shampoo is bad for usage and cleaning’.

Development of the first silicon-free physical sunscreen in Korea

We completely eliminate any chemical blockers that might irritate the skin and produces a 100% physical sunscreen using only physical ingredients. In addition, we never use silicon oil (dimethicone), which is commonly used for smooth cooling effect in commercial sunscreens, since the silicon oil can stop the skin from breathing. While excluding the silicon oil, we replace it with vegetable oils such as coconut oil and argan oil that give smooth sense of usage.

Development of natural mineral makeup

To produce natural sun cushions, we do not use any artificial dyes or tar pigments, which are commonly practiced in commercial sunscreens and foundations. We have developed the tinted sun cover cream and cushion which take the cover effect from natural mineral pigment.

Prescription of hydrosol to substitute water

To maximize the efficacy of products, we use hydrosol as known as floral water extracted from herbs and plants instead of purified water. When hydrosol is used as a substitute for purified water, it can directly deliver more effective ingredients without affecting product formulation and pH balance control.

Development of natural preservative

We have developed a formula that replaces synthetic sterilization preservatives with herbal extracts from steam distillation. For each component, we have found natural extracts that reduce irritation to the skin while also producing an optimal preservative effect.

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