AROMATICA sunscreen is the winner of EWG Best Sun Cream award

Using sunscreen should be your health care habit that needs to be maintained all year long, including cloudy and snowy days. No matter the season or forecast, the sun is still up there and 80% of the sun’s UV rays can make their way to the earth. On summer days when the UV rays are much stronger and skin cancer rates at an all-time high, getting full protection from the sun is crucial. There are so many sun creams on the market today and here we give you four reasons why AROMATICA sun care products should be your first choice.













First, it was selected as the Best Sun Cream by EWG for two consecutive years, 2016 and 2017.

Being one of the most influential non-profit environmental organizations in the US, EWG runs a certification program called EWG VERIFIED™. This certification evaluates the ingredients based on thorough examination and further improving the strict criteria of EWG Skin Deep so that customers choose and buy safe cosmetic products easily. Among Korean sun care producers, AROMATICA is the only company that acquired EWG VERIFIED™. Try using AROMATICA sun cream, which has won EWG Best Sun Cream awards for two consecutive years.


Second, AROMATICA uses non-nano physical sunscreens for all its sun care products.

Blocking from UV rays can be divided into two types: chemical blocking and physical blocking. AROMATICA sun protection products are non-nano physical sunscreens that are suitable for irritated and sensitive skin.

  • Physical sunscreen covers the skin with a thin protective film to reflect and disperse UV rays. It might leave a whitish cast on the skin but it is less harmful than chemical sunscreen which makes it safe to use for sensitive skin.
  • Sunscreen with non-nano size is not absorbed into the skin so it can be safely used without any concern. Also, non-nano particles do not clog the pores on the skin. Although sunscreens with nano-sized particles don’t leave whitish cast and spread easily on the skin, nanoparticles can penetrate into the pores and block them.
  • Do you know that recently Hawaii passed the bill banning certain sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate? These two chemicals are found to cause significant harmful impacts on Hawaii’s environment and residing marine organisms. Because oxybenzone is an allergen and a hormone disruptor, and octinoxate causes biochemical or cellular level changes and endocrine disruption, EWG evaluates the risk grade 8 and 6 respectively.


Third, AROMATICA sun care products are unscented and don’t cause skin irritation.

  • All AROMATICA products, including sun care products, are made of organic and natural ingredients. AROMATICA sun cream can be used by all members of the family because it doesn’t include even small percentage of synthetic fragrance. Check the ingredients here.
  • AROMATICA has been consistently talking about the dangers of synthetic fragrance. The synthetic fragrance can be called ‘the collection of various chemical components’. The law doesn’t require to disclose all ingredients of synthetic fragrance so you cannot know which ingredients are combined. When you search ‘fragrance’ on the safety database of EWG’s Skin Deep, it shows to have a safety rating of 8 (among 1-10 levels), which is very harmful. Synthetic fragrance is known to be hormone disturbance and cause allergies, dermatitis, dyspnea and potential effects on the reproductive system.


Fourth, AROMATICA sun protection products contain only natural ingredients.

Most sunscreens in the market today are ineffective, offering a false security of sun protection and doing more harm than good. According to the EWG report, 75% of the sunscreen products that they examined provided inadequate protection from the sun. Additionally, there is concern that chemical sunscreen ingredients can permeate the skin and cause hormone disruption and allergic reactions. For example, silicone oil is widely used by most companies to make an easy application. However, this ingredient can block the skin from breathing and lead to various skin problems. Instead of silicone oil or any other chemical element, AROMATICA always uses plant-derived natural ingredients. Calendula Non-Nano UV Protection Unscented SPF30/PA+++ consists of 12.3% certified organic ingredients and 97.7% natural ingredients such as calendula extract, green tea extract, and coconut oil.


EWG Best Sun Cream

Hypoallergenic organic and 100% non-nano physical sunscreen

Calendula Non-Nano UV Protection Unscented SPF30/PA+++

Natural Tinted Sun Cream SPF30/PA++


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