Holistic Extraction Methods™


Aromatica extraction

Essential oils and floral water (hydrosol) are extracted from flowers and herbs by using steam.

Steam generated by heating up water passes through flowers or herbs to be extracted at low pressure between 0.05-0.10 bar. At this time, the mixture of compressed steam and oil substance contained in flowers or herbs goes up to upper part of the tank. As steam and oil pass through the cooling coil, they turn to a liquid state due to the low temperature. Oil (essential oil) and water (hydrosol) in the liquid state are obtained in a separate layer. 

Cold press

Citrus essential oils such as orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit is extracted by applying physical pressure on peels as fruits contain abundant amount of active substances in the oil form.

In addition, a plant-based oil is extracted by applying physical pressure on fruits such as argan, rosehip and coconut. An extraction method using only physical pressure, not high heat, is called cold press. aromatica uses citrus essential oils and various plant-based oils extracted by cold press.

Oil infusion

There are two infusion methods—one that uses heat for extraction and one that does not use heat. The hot method can shorten the extraction time, while the cold method may take more time but can reduce the loss of nutrients.

AROMATICA uses a hot infusion method that extracts active substances of raw ingredients in oil at a constant temperature of 50℃ for 300 hours. The extracted byproduct through the oil infusion is called infused oil. Most of infused oil used by AROMATICA is directly extracted by using its own facility.


This physical extraction method has been widely used to boil tea and coffee, to make medicine, or to make beer. It can effectively extract oil property or volatile organic compounds from natural ingredients.


Alcohol can extract both water-soluble and oil-soluble substances from herbs and medicinal plants. As this method does not use heat, there is only a small loss of nutrients. 

AROMATICA uses its own tincture extraction method called the ‘Tincture Distillation’, which is an improved version of the existing tincture method. ‘Tincture Distillation’ extracts active substances by passing raw ingredients through the steam of alcohol by integrating the tincture and steam-distilling method. 

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