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AROMATICA acquired EWG VERIFIED™ certification for its 20 products in 2016.

EWG VERIFIED™ certification is AROMATICA’s genuine possession that lets you know the safest products.



EWG VERIFIED™ is a program run by one of the most influential non-profit environment organizations in the US that certifies the safe personal care (cosmetics) products. This program was designed to help customers choose and buy safe cosmetic products.

EWG VERIFIEDrecognizes products by taking one further step of EWG Skin Deep rating system and meeting EWG’s strictest standards for the information of ingredients and GMP compliance.



Difference between EWG’s Skin Deep 1-2(Green Grade) and EWG VERIFIED™ certification

EWG’s Skin Deep ingredient rating system
EWG believes that it is possible to change the environment of consumer goods by providing consumers with the right information about the ingredients of cosmetics.
EWG Skin Deep puts the power of information in consumers’ hands. First, the data on ingredients is collected from research institutes; then, each ingredient’s safety level is assessed by grading from 1 to 10; lastly, objective information is provided to the consumer in an intuitive way.


EWG VERIFIED™ product certification is very strict

Even if cosmetics are made by using safe ingredients in accordance with EWG’s Skin Deep, to get EWG VERIFIED™ certification, the following additional requirements must be met:

  1. The ingredients, which haven’t been thoroughly checked against hazardous substances by scientists, cannot be used even if they have received the green score within the range of 1-2.
  2. Even if certain ingredients are found to be safe, it is necessary to analyze the test report to check the possibility of the existence of any potential harmful substances that exceed the standard level.
  3. Even if raw materials are proven to be safe, manufacturing facility should comply with the EWG’s requirements to prevent any possibility of creating harmful substances during the manufacturing process.



Since 2009, AROMATICA has been an official partner of the EWG’s Safe Cosmetics Campaign and has been continuously supporting EWG’s activities in safe product selection and healthy society.


Acquired EWG’s Skin Deep as the first among all beauty brands in Korea


All ingredients of the product were disclosed on the website of EWG’s Skin Deep


Participated as a partner in safe cosmetics campaigns with EWG


Acquired EWG VERIFIED™ certification as the first in Korea
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