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Started for myself and my family, now for everyone

Our journey in clean beauty started with a personal goal – to make safe cosmetics that my family and I can safely use. We have inherited and developed the founding spirit to create the safest natural cosmetics, and aim to make the world a better place through safety and efficacy.

Jerry Kim
founder of AROMATICA

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Sustainable Clean & Vegan Beauty

For a more beautiful and safer world, we are committed to bringing the cleanest beauty products with environmental responsibility in mind.

We believe in a more responsible world and pledge to conduct sustainable business activities in producing and distributing products to preserve the environment with love and respect.

Eco-friendly smart factory

Reduces energy consumption by more than 90% by recollecting heat emitted from manufacturing process, leveraging on the difference in temperature within the manufacturing plant to generate cooling water, and utilising small format machineries for small batch productions. It also reduces waste production and recycle.

Aromatica campaign

Environmental campaigns

Oxybenzone, octinoxate & silicones are destructive to the marine ecosystem and the environment. We make sun screen that is free from oxybenzone, octinoxate and silicone. We actively participate in “oxybenzone, octinoxate ZERO campaign” initiated by Korean Federation For Environmental Movement.

Earth-friendly packaging

We are developing new containers with BIO PET which is made of Biomass extracted from sugar cane that reduces CO2 emissions by 20%. We use eco-friendly materials such as 100% recyclable glass containers. We use 100% recycled paper cushioning and paper tape and never use plastic bags or tapes for delivery.


We would like to echo our spirit to make the eco-friendly world and truly believe this movement will speed around the globe.

Do you know that synthetic fragrance is more dangerous than parabens?

Since 2004, we have been actively informing about the hazards of synthetic fragrance. Synthetic fragrances which are used in most personal care products are more harmful than parabens. In other words, synthetic fragrance has more harmful components, which causes a respiratory problem and skin allergies (risk level 8 by EWG standard) than parabens (risk level 4-7 by EWG standard).

Did you know that AROMATICA is the first brand that introduced EWG to Korea? 

AROMATICA has been an official partner of the EWG Safe Cosmetics Campaign since 2009 and has been introducing and informing EWG and its campaigns in Korea. AROMATICA has been continuously supporting consumers’ safe product selection and EWG’s activity for a healthy society for a long time. At present, almost all cosmetic companies have taken the initiative to start prescribing products based on EWG Skin Deep Standard.

The reason why we do all manufacturing process  

AROMATICA controls every manufacturing step, from raw material selection to R&D and finished product. The reason for this is not only to spot harmful ingredients but also to prevent harmful compounds from being mixed in the supply of raw materials, manufacture and production processes.

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