Aromatica has won recognition from all over the world for its high standard of safe products, including being the only Korean beauty brand to earn EWG’s Skin Deep Champion Status.


In Korea, Aromatica has a huge following among women who seek cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan skincare. Aromatica is especially known for its clever use of natural oils to both nourish the skin and give a delicate, organic scent to its products. 

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Aromatica Sea Daffodil Aqua Toners have been formulated to work with different skin types, and are more gentle — they also boost hydration and help to balance pH levels

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Aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbet is the solid make-up remover that easily removes even the stubborn make-up, cleans pores, and exfoliates the skin.

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Aromatica Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil is not like the typical coconut oil. It is the favorite of Korean and beauty experts, who classify it as the ‘holy grail’ of make-up removers.

Favorite makeup coconut oil of AROMATICA

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We put hundreds of products to find the best product for every skin type. Obviously, Aromatica has one of the best eye creams and the best emulsion for normal and oily skin.

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Aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbet is one of the best Korean beauty products for cleansing and makeup remover.

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Among the best green products in circulation, Aromatica Orange Cleansing Sherbet is considered one of the best removers. It’s an ideal product for the first step cleansing of K-beauty skincare routine.

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Asian skincare tends to emphasize natural ingredients over harsh chemicals. There’s always a new way with Aromatica’s rose oil and tea tree oil to plump, rejuvenate, hydrate, and purify your skin

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