AROMATICA starts a one-month promotion event in August at Olive Young for its number 1 bestseller shampoo, Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo, and another popular hair product, Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo.
During the month of August, Rosemary and Tea Tree shampoos are offered in special price at all Olive Young nationwide stores and Olive Young’s official online mall. Olive Young is the number 1 Health & Beauty store in Korea with over 1300 stores. Olive Young chain stores comprise more than 90% of all health & beauty stores in Korea.
We have prepared various store displays, videos, and advertisements to attract more customers to the promotion.ย 
AROMATICA has won a lot of consumers’ love by introducing a variety of silicone-free vegan shampoos that are rich in natural ingredients. In particular, Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo has been recognized as number 1 top-selling shampoo at Olive Young for the last 3 consecutive years. We are proud of this achievement as our shampoo RANKS THE FIRST among the hundreds of top brands such as Herbal Essences by P&G, Klorane, Rausch, L’Oreal, John Freida, etc.
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