Review of Natural Tinted Sun Cover Cushion by Alice

Here, we would like to share Alice’s review on Natural Tinted Sun Cover Cushion and Lip Nectar. She tries these two products for the first time and tells how they are:


This hot item, Natural Tinted Sun Cover Cushion, is a great K-beauty product. The package is really specific and it has a refill item as well. So cool. I applied to my face and it looked great. It helps to arrange the face tone and it’s a useful makeup product before due to supply water up face. The cushion powder contains particles uniformly. So if you look at the skin, you will see there’s no getting tangled or lifting formulation on the skin. Great adhesion. Also, this item provides UV protection. The most important thing is this product is 100% safe. This item doesn’t have any ingredients of mineral oil or synthetic fragrances, but 100% of physical sunscreen. It’s a really safe product.



Natural Tinted Sun Cover Cushion Light Beige SPF30/PA++ Set has a multitasking formula which helps for brightening, anti-aging, and sunscreen. Suitable for all type of skins and formulated only with natural mineral pigments instead of synthetic pigments, this sun cushion naturally evens out your skin tone and gives a radiant look. And yes! It contains 100% physical sunscreen ingredients.



AROMATICA’s Lip Nectar comes with two different options: Lip Nectar Natural shine and Lip Nectar Flower red. The first hydrates dry and chapped lips without a sticky feeling while the latter gives a sheer red tint to brighten your natural lip color.



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