Should we blame ourselves for illegally exporting wastes?

According to Greenpeace Philippines, Korea had illegally shipped over 1,200 tons of mixed wastes to southern Philippine island of Mindanao. In response, the EcoWaste Coalition, a local Philippines organization, staged a rally in front of the Korean Embassy to protest against illegal exports of wastes, and pushed to immediately send the shipments back to Korea.

AROMATICA against plastic pollution
ⓒ GreenPeace

Unconscious Consumption Leads to Illegal Waste Export

South Korea, one of the fastest growing countries, has reached third world countries to deal with their waste crisis. According to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), South Korea’s waste generation per capita is ranking 4th. Annually, South Korea was ranking at the tops for the biggest consumer of plastic products globally at 132kg per person, whereas in the United States was 93kg, and China 58kgs in 2015.

AROMATICA against plastic pollution
Waste Illegally Exported to Philippines. ⓒ Green Peace

Seoul City government has pledge to cut down on plastic materials by pushing businesses to discourage the use of disposable plastic, including bags and cups. Despite consumer complaints, the simplest way to make a difference is to encourage the use of recyclable products and replace disposable plastic with sustainable wares to reduce waste crisis. Consumers should understand that their actions directly impact the environment.

AROMATICA against plastic pollution
ⓒ We can practice recycling

AROMATICA’s Sustainable Solution: Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

South Korea is rated world’s number one for its recycling process. However, the rate of reusing the items is extremely low. AROMATICA researched and developed a post-consumer recycling process, where consumers contribute to the plastic recycling process, and improve the quality of recycling.

AROMATICA wants consumers to pursue environmentally conscious consumption. That’s why AROMATICA strives to minimize the impact on the environment not only in the production, but also in the disposal of the products. One practice is to reduce waste through recycling. AROMATICA will respect the environment through the process of production, distribution and consumption.

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