Plastic Pollution: a threat to the marine ecosystem

A report in June 2018 informed that plastic waste in the ocean has affected the life of a whale in Southern Thailand. The rescue team: veterinarians and conservationists arrived on the scene, of the attempt to save the whale. Thai marine officials reported that it began vomiting up pieces of plastic, and died after five days of intense treatment.

During the autopsy, 80 plastic bags were found inside the whale, weighting more than 8kgs. The whale faced an irreparable damage from plastic waste. It was another disturbing reminder on how plastic pollution threatens the marine ecosystem.

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Plastic Waste Is Overcoming the Population of Plankton

Plastic has existed since 1960, and an estimated of 5bn tons of plastic has been produced as of 2015. Plastic is designed to last for a very long time. It is likely that about 10m tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year.

Although plastic bags are not biodegradable, they break down into smaller and smaller pieces, known as “micro-plastics”. Plastic waste mainly accumulates in the North Pacific gyre, and researchers found that micro-plastics were six times more abundant than zooplankton. To raise awareness on plastic consumption, Algalita Marine Research and Education reported on the mismanagement use of plastic. At this rate, another pilot whale could be at risk of plastic death.

Aromatica sustainability
Plastic bags found inside the whale ⓒ ThaiWhales

Sustainable Beauty Promise

AROMATICA is partaking to keep a Sustainable Beauty promise to reduce plastic waste.

Aromatica sustainability
FSC Certified 100% recyclable packaging
  1. Use 100% recyclable glass, PP and PET Packaging
  2. Aim for biodegradable plastics and recycled plastics
  3. Use only FSC Certified paper and 100% recyclable paper for sustainable forest development
  4. Reduce the use of plastic by promoting refillable packaging and glass containers.


AROMATICA is committed to using the safest and most authentic ingredients to protect the environment and reflect respect for life.

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