Ethical Lifestyle: Say NO to Plastic!

Conscious consumers search for products based on their ethical lifestyle. Clean beauty movement demanded to ban synthetic chemicals in beauty products, and now it is pushing for sustainable and zero-waste packaging. Advocates are highly informing on the importance of the environment conservation through glass packaging.

The Impact of Plastic Pollution in Our Lifestyle

Plastic is a popular and fast-growing option for storage. The increase in the number of plastics from consumerism has contributed to plastic pollution. The advantages to using plastic are that they are durable and affordable. The disadvantages are that they are absorbent and have a large impact on the health and environment. Have you notice your beauty products melting through the plastic container? The toxic chemicals in plastics, such as phthalates, disrupt and break down, reacting to the chemicals of the cosmetics.

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Let’s Talk Glass

As concerns for the environment strikes, consumers see glass packaging as an ethical preference. Glass is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly forms of materials. A Europe-wide survey, conducted in 11 EU countries, revealed that 85% of Europeans would recommend glass to their friends and family. The survey represented an increase of 15% since 2009. These results reassured that consumers have become more conscious of the positive sustainable benefits of glass packaging.

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How Can We Reduce Plastic Waste?

Sustainability advocates restrain plastic; therefore, many industries have stopped using them, and replaced them with biodegradable and sustainable materials. It really is that simple. If there is enough demand for change, companies will listen. AROMATICA uses more than 60% of wasted glass to actively practice environmental protection. This practice preserves and restores the planet by reducing the use of raw materials, and contributing to the recycling system. The sustainable movement has spread awareness, and more advocates have banned harmful materials in their purchases.

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