Our Golden Beauty 2019

Happy 2020 everyone! How’s your new year clean beauty resolution going so far? No worries, we're here to help! We put a fin to 2019 overwhelmed with love (in the best way possible!) from beauty experts, judges, retailers, and most significant YOU! Our products were recognized in the way they claim to do, and we want to thank our team for all the hard work. We did promise you better skin, after all. Ahead, we share our golden products of 2019. Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo (400ml) $26.00 #1 Shampoo in Olive Young, #3 Hwahae Shampoo For removing dead skin on scalp “A daily scalp scaling shampoo to gently remove dandruff while rejuvenating sensitive scalp and weak hair with natural ingredients.” Tea Tree Balancing Toner (130ml) $27.00 Indie Beauty Expo BEST IN SHOW 2019 TONER For oily skin “An alcohol-free toner to prevent excessive oil and leave skin fresh and clear. Approved for skin brightening and anti-aging.” Orange Cleansing Sherbet (180g) $36.00 Miin Cosmetics BEST-SELLER 2019 For removing insecurities “A sherbet type cleanser to remove impurities and make-up while balancing moisture and oil production.” Tea Tree Green Oil (30ml) GETITBEAUTY #1 FACIAL OIL For Anti-blemish Yoonju Jang, a Korean top model,…

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