Eco-friendly practices at AROMATICA

AROMATICA believes in a more responsible world and pledges to conduct sustainable and eco-friendly practices in all business activities. This also includes greening our workplace by implementing environmental friendly measures into our daily routine. There are so many easy adjustments and green initiatives that can make a huge difference! And here are some  AROMATICA's eco-friendly practices that you can also easily follow.  We buy organic fruit and vegetables from local farmers and prepare healthy snacks that are designed to minimize food waste. Also, we keep freshly made drinks in glass bottles. We use real mugs and tumblers rather than disposables. Every employee has been given a personalized mug with their name and favorite color. Plastic straws not only create unnecessary waste but also contribute to pollution and greater environmental issues. Instead of plastic straws, we use the straws made of rice that are edible after drinking.

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