Why K-beauty is going green

The growing awareness of harmful chemical ingredients in cosmetic products is leading many Korean consumers to turn to a green approach. They are increasingly buying more natural and organic products free of toxin and synthetic additives, which neither harm the skin nor the environment. A few easy to use mobile applications such as "Hwahae" and "EWG healthy living" have also changed the way consumers can access the ingredients and reviews of each product. We are here to talk about the benefits of green cosmetics and how to choose the safe cosmetic products. The most intuitive definition of a green cosmetic can be its association with organic-natural ingredients and environmental friendliness.   Why you should be using natural and organic cosmetics     No harsh chemicals. Natural and organic cosmetic products do not contain any type of chemicals that can adversely affect your skin and health. Chemicals in conventional cosmetics are full of synthetic ingredients that we know nothing about and most of the time they are very harsh on skin, causing irritation, allergic reactions, and hormonal disturbance.   Gentle and Nutrient-rich. Natural and Organic cosmetics are made with nutrients that will benefit your skin. Your skin absorbs most of what you put on…

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