A drop of happiness, 100% pure essential oils uses
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A drop of happiness, 100% pure essential oils uses

AROMATICA offers eight different pure essential oils from which you can choose according to your taste, pain, and situation. Peppermint - body relaxation Tea tree - immunity enhancement, Eucalyptus - anti-inflammatory action, Orange sweet - stress relief, Rosemary – swell relief, Lemon grass - sterilization, Lemon - fatigue recovery, Lavender - soothing relaxation Have you found out which essential oil is suitable for you? There are multiple ways how to use essential oils. Let us introduce some of the easiest and effective ways. A drop in the bath! Drop 5-10 drops of essential oil into the tub before bathing and immerse yourself in the bath after 15-20 minutes. If you take a bath with essential oils, you can relieve the fatigue and heal your day. A drop under the pillow! Place 3-4 drops of essential oils under the pillow to help you sleep well. Essential oils have a calming effect and they are wonderful for creating a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom. Restful sleep is very important for today's sleep-deprived people, isn’t it? A drop in the room air freshener! Add 4 drops of essential oil onto a tissue, cotton ball, or dish and put it somewhere in the room.…

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