Is it actually the better option?

#OFFTHEPLASTIC #SAVETHEPLANET AROMATICA REFILL DAY NOVEMBER 15TH! Join us for a simple solution to the single-use plastic crisis.  The alarming rate at which consumers are discarding plastic has become so massive, though the most serious crisis is single-use plastic. So overwhelming that Greenpeace recently proposed “Global Refill Day”- a campaign for consumers to bring their own containers to shops to reduce disposable packaging. This campaign generated a worldwide of participants with over 60,000 #ReuseRevolution publicities.  But in reality, there are so many obstacles to overcome to participate in the Global Refill Day. Plastic consumption has pervaded every aspect of our lives, and now we are waking up to the monster we created. Although the government and industries are building a system to prohibit and reduce the use of disposable products, it is not enough to prepare for the threat that is approaching. Of course, if relatable laws were actually the better option with minimum disruption, consumers will prefer sustainable and zero-waste options.  Professor Nando Kim, author of “Trend Korea” defined 2019 as the era of Green Survival. Eco-friendly production and consumption have become essential, beyond good practices. After the 2018 China’s ban of plastic waste imports, local recycling industries went downhill…

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