Korea’s top skin care method: A face mask a day

What is a face mask?

One of the most popular skin care methods in Korea is using a face mask a day. Face masks, also known as sheet masks, are mostly single-use cotton pads that have been soaked in powerful skin-rejuvenating components. When you apply the mask over your face, it infuses its active ingredients into the skin, usually providing the skin with moisture and making the skin smooth and more welcoming to wear makeup. Because it gives such visible results in a short amount of time, the sheet mask has become so popular for the past years. Nowadays, you can find many different types of sheet masks and you should use them according to your skin type and desired purpose.


How reliable and safe is this method?

The main principle of a mask is that, like a cream, lotion, or serum, it delivers the active ingredients to the skin to improve the quality and appearance of the skin. Yet, here’s the key difference. Most skin care products might evaporate after a few minutes of application, but face mask can uphold of 15-20 minutes for the ingredients to penetrate into the skin. The sheet becomes a barrier between the air and your skin to keep the ingredients on your skin.

Many of those looking to try sheet masks for the first time might be wondering whether it’s a safe product to use. To know whether your mask is safe or not depends on the ingredients used. The safest masks that you can use are the ones without any harmful chemical ingredients. Most traditional face mask use chemicals or preservatives such as parabens, phenoccite ethanol, PEG emulsifier, synthetic fragrance. You can find here why these chemical ingredients in cosmetics are dangerous. Also, you should check what kind of material was used for the sheet.


AROMATICA face masks


AROMATICA sheet masks

Unlike traditional sheet masks which include harsh chemicals and skin damaging preservatives, AROMATICA sheet masks are aimed to address skin issues in a safe, yet effective way. The sheet masks contain nutrients extracted from natural and organic materials such as calendula, tea tree, and sea daffodil and you can choose one of them according to your skin type or need. For example, our Anti-Blemishing Calming Mask calms and clears blemished and oily skin without skin irritating alcohols or synthetic fragrances which can be found in other commercial sheet masks. It’s also made with 91% blend of tea tree oil/extract and other nourishing and protective ingredients. Check out all of our sheet masks here.


Looking for the best sheet masks that can supercharge your skin with moisture and give an instant glowing look? Then, wear one AROMATICA sheet mask every day and achieve your goal. Be safe and beautiful with AROMATICA!

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