Must have in-flight beauty essentials

It is a great experience to travel abroad for vacation. Traveling takes you away to another world and can make you happier and healthier with reducing your stress and having lovely memories. While you are on the way to your destination, on a board of an airplane, you should give special care to your skin. Because, cabin pressure and a massive reduction in humidity steal everything nice from your skin, causing dehydration and parched skin. If you want to maintain healthy flawless skin even on travel, skin care is essential! Let’s check some beauty tips that help you in the airplane.



Drink plenty of water

You should drink more water than usual for your skin. Keeping hydrated not only maintains healthy skin but also it is important for the regulation of body temperature and organ function. Airplane cabins are very dry places to be for any lengths of time and that environment can cause extreme dehydration and various skin problems. To avoid landing with dry and parched skin, it is important to have in-flight skin care regimen. And this regimen must include drinking plenty of water. It is recommended to drink water that supplements hydration and minerals rather than to drink coffee, carbonated drinks, and alcohol that drain moisture.



Wear a sheet mask

Since the air is insanely dry inside of an airplane, focus on moisturizing your skin. Sheet masks are not classified as liquid items, so they are the best beauty items that can be brought on board. After takeoff, remove your makeup if you have and wear a sheet mask for 15 to 20 minutes. During this short time period, your skin gets all the moisture it needs and stays hydrated for a few hours. The AROMATICA sheet masks are made of nutritional ingredients extracted from natural and organic materials. These masks transfer the natural essence to the skin and supercharge your skin moisture without any irritation.



Watch out for the UV rays during a daytime flight

You should be careful of ultraviolet rays when using a plane that departs during the day. The higher the altitude, the more likely the skin will be directly affected by the strong UV rays. UV rays pouring over the skin through the windows can cause diseases such as stains, spots, etc. The AROMATICA Calendula Non-nano UV Protection Unscented is a 100% hypoallergenic physical sunscreen that perfectly blocks UVA and UVB.


Avoid heavy makeup

When you get on an airplane with heavy makeup on, various pollutants floating in the unventilated air easily stick to your skin. This causes skin problems due to sebum and impurities. In preparation for the long flight, try not to wear heavy makeup so the pores of your skin aren’t blocked by it. To remove your makeup while on the board, prepare a cleansing tissue with you.



Use light BB cream

If you feel uncomfortable with the face after cleansing, you should use a light BB cream. AROMATICA Natural Tinted Sun Cream is a product that contains natural mineral pigments to produce an even skin tone without brightening or changing your skin tone. It helps not only create even skin texture but also moisturizes and blocks skin from UV rays.

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