Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo for your scalp care

Do you know that healthy hair starts with your scalp? Most hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, thinning, and graying, can be due to the unhealthy scalp. So, how to keep your scalp healthy? During the warm weather, the scalp can be easily clogged due to a buildup of sebum and sweat. Also, because of air pollution, dust and pollutants are accumulated on your scalp and block the pores, causing scalp inflammation and hair loss. Thankfully, AROMATICA has come to the rescue with Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo to keep your scalp and hair healthy. The shampoo gives the scalp a gentle exfoliation, eliminating flakes and alleviating itchiness while leaving hair nourished and clean.

Contains 27.7% of Rosemary extract, biotin, and panthenol

Containing 27.7% of rosemary extract, the shampoo nourishes hair follicles. Biotin (vitamin B7) and panthenol (provitamin B5) provide essential nutrients and moisture for scalp barrier, leaving the hair glossy and strong.

Natural shampoo without any harmful ingredients

When you buy natural or organic shampoos, don’t you still choose them believing flashy advertising promises? If you want to choose the right natural shampoo made of genuine natural ingredients, make sure to check the ingredients of a product. Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo contains only natural ingredients. The ingredients don’t include any type of hazardous substances such as silicone oil, sulfate surfactant, PEG, paraben, Phenoxyethanol, and synthetic fragrance.

Gently exfoliates the scalp with low-irritant LHA

A hypoallergenic exfoliation solution, Lipo Hydroxy Acid (LHA), gently removes dead skin cells from the scalp, leaving it clean and fresh. Also, a special scalp enhancing complex formulated with Rosemary, Bhringraj and Coriander nourish the hair roots while Biotin and Panthenol strengthen the hair.

Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo was renewed in May 2018! Do you want to try the original shampoo in a new design? Shop now!

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