Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot – Natural blemish skin care treatment

It is quite difficult to prevent blemishes from appearing on your skin. Because, there are various reasons for a skin blemish such as genetic tendency, stress and hormonal changes, or unhealthy lifestyle. However, there is a way to have control over blemishes when they finally appear on the skin.

At the first sight of a blemish, you might think of using some over-the-counter drugs or products to make the blemish go away as fast as possible. But most of these chemical-based products actually make a blemish stick around longer, causing skin irritation and dryness. Using the natural treatment products is a safer way that gives you the same results and provides essential nutrients to the skin.

If you have a skin blemish problem, we recommend you using AROMATICA Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot. Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot is a special care product to heal the skin blemish and to smooth the troubled skin occurring after shaving, or before and after menstruation. Containing capryloyl salicylic acid from natural oil, it also helps combat blackheads and whiteheads.

AROMATICA Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot

How Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot helps take care of the skin blemishes

Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot is specifically formulated with the most effective natural ingredients to get rid of the skin blemishes and to soothe the irritated skin. Are you wondering what are these main ingredients?

Tea Tree

It consists 20% natural tea tree oil and 33% organic tea tree extract. This optimal combination of natural tea tree oil extract efficiently solves the troubled skin problems.

Capryloyl Salicylic Acid

It consists capryloyl salicylic acid which is a soft exfoliating LHA. LHA, a hypoallergenic exfoliating ingredient, soothes dead skin cells and troubled skin.

Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis leaf extract, or simply lemon balm, is considered a natural solution for dull skin. The extract reduces the skin stress and cleans the skin.

How to use Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot

Use it after cleansing your face and applying toner. Take a moderate amount (2-3 drops) of Tea Tree 53 Blemish Spot on a cotton bud. Apply it to the concerned area twice a day.

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