3 reasons to use this natural cream to keep your skin moisturized

Calendula Juicy Cream – A natural cream by AROMATICA

Dry skin is a real headache. It is especially worst when you feel your skin itchy, flaky, and you cannot easily apply makeup. During a change of seasons, you should definitely be careful to choose skin care products as some products for dry skin actually make things even worse. You need an immediate solution, right? We have a real solution for you! All your dry skin problems fade away with the multi-purpose moisturizing cream – Calendula Juicy Cream. We have put together three main reasons why this natural cream works best for you.



Calendula Juicy Cream


  1. It can be used for any part of the skin by anyone.

One of the great characteristics of the Calendula cream is that you can apply this cream not only on your face but also on your arms, legs, and body. If you apply it to your body, it is not sticky at all. Also, it is hypoallergenic and unscented. So it can be used by anyone in the family, including pregnant woman and infant.


  1. 100% natural, organic, and safe ingredients.

You might have known that Aromatica uses only natural and organic ingredients. Keeping this tradition, the Calendula Juicy Cream also excluded suspicious ingredients as much as possible. It doesn’t include any irritating fragrances. The cream contains 48% calendula flower extract instead of purified water as this helps calm and moisturize sensitive skin. The used ingredients help moisturize not only the exterior skin but also nourish inner skin with vitamin and minerals.


  1. Highly effective, regardless of skin type

Last but not the least, Calendula cream is the best solution for dry skin because it gives instant effect and your skin becomes soft, moisturized, and energized. Whether your skin is oily, sensitive or genetically dry, the special formula of Calendula Juicy Cream makes disappear those unpleasant feelings about your skin. After trying this product, we are sure that the cream will become your close friend during chilly days of winter, scorching hot days of summer, or whenever you want to use.


Don’t make a mistake to take care of your dry skin. Calendula Juicy Cream provides all the moisturizing and nourishment that your skin is striving to have.



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