Remove dead skin cells in 3 seconds with this daily toner

With the arrival of warm Spring, skin care concerns increase due to fine dust and yellow dust. During the change of seasons, the temperature difference between morning and evening is too great that more dead skin cells are produced than usual. Unnecessary dead skin cells block the absorption of cosmetics, make wearing makeup difficult, and even cause severe skin diseases. We introduce AROMATICA’s Orange Soft Peel Toner that makes your skin smooth and glowing with a three-second investment a day.




The toner contains 3% plant-derived AHA, so it easily removes old dead skin cells. No skin irritation for daily use. You can simply exfoliate your skin by just wiping it out. Super-fast completion in 3 seconds and great moisturizing effect too.



The usage is quite simple. First, wash your face. Then, take an appropriate amount of Orange Soft Peel Toner on a cotton puff. Lastly, wipe it gently on your skin. Even by lightly wiping, you can easily get rid of the dead skin. It is so easy, isn’t it?

You can also use the toner for a face pack. When wearing makeup is difficult because of the dead skin, you can easily solve this problem with the following simple steps. Put some amount of Orange Soft Peel Toner on a cotton pad and cover the wounded area. Remove the pad after 20-30 seconds and it’s done! This really helps remove old dead skin cells.

Have you ever felt embarrassed when someone looked closely at your skin? Spend just 3 seconds a day to get rid of your dead skin. 3 seconds a day regains your confidence even if your skin is seen by 3cm far. Isn’t it amazing that you can get porcelain skin by just simply using a toner? With AROMATICA’s Orange Soft Peel Toner, get confidence and smooth complete glowing skin in 3 seconds.

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